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March 23, 2011

Polar Watch

Polar FT60G1BLK Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch with G1 GPS Sensor - Black

Polar FT60G1BLK Men's Heart Rate Monitor Watch with G1 GPS Sensor - Black

Now you can train as you want and reach your fitness targets with the FT60's personalized training program. It sets new targets by adapting to your personal training habits, helping you stay motivated and carry on improving your fitness. The adaptive training program features weekly targets, feedback and guidance so you'll achieve your training targets more efficiently and effectively. Comes with G1 GPS sensor for speed and distance measurement in outdoor sports.

Every Polar Watch is designed to help anyone who wants to get active, become fit and maximize performance.

One of the latest innovations the brand has introduced is the Polar FT40 is a heart rate monitor, which is designed for fitness buffs who enjoy a good variety of features with simple operation. It is definitely the ideal device for those who want to perk up their fitness, want to lose weight or want to have effective workouts.


The first thing you’ll probably notice with the incredible Polar watch is its aesthetics. Let’s face it; the look of our accessories does matter. The brand has undergone a major redesign from previous Polar heart rate monitors. FT40 is available in green, beige or gray. Although the heart rate monitor is mainly made from plastic, it certainly feels practically robust. The wrist strap is very comfortable and most users would be able to get a secure fit.

The FT40 is amazingly simple to use. It is not like other heart rate monitors that are confusing to use because they are too complex. You can easily navigate through this Polar watch and it has a well laid-out screen so users won’t struggle to find the preferred feature.

The FT40 has an energy pointer feature, where a heart icon and a line appear on the screen while you exercise. The heart symbolizes your actual heart rate and on the other hand, the line is the detailed intensity. The line is the divider, where you choose if you want to lose fat or improve your fitness. What this actually does is reduce the need to worry about specific heart rate percentages and other factors that can make heart rate training programs very confusing.

Included in the nice features of this Polar watch is a five-minute fitness test to judge your improvement, and to do so, all you have to do is lie still. There are adjustable heart rate zones to help those who want to follow a specific program.


The FT40 also has Polar’s T31 coded heart rage strap that eliminates interference so your readings won’t experience problems in crowded gyms. The heart rate belt is exceptionally comfortable and reliable. The data in this Polar watch can also be uploaded to your computer through Polar’s training website. To be able to do so, you have to buy the additional Polar Flow Link cradle. It’s a nice idea because the site offers basic training plans and the ability to share your data with other users around the world.


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